Pest Control Service for Miami, Broward, & Palm Beach
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Commercial Pest Control Services

Pest Control Maintenance
To keep commercial areas clean and pest free it's best to have a continued maintenance program where a pest control technician is actively guarding your property. Since 1986 we've established successful maintenance programs for all types of properties including apartment complexes, education facilities, airports, hospitals and more.

Rodent Control
Rodents are very active around our South Florida shorelines. Apartment complexes and commercial properties on the water line will frequently have problems with rodent infestations. We have always tackled these issues successfully and have the most cost effective services for getting the job done right.

Lawn Care
Spraying commercial lawn areas regularly is one of the most effective treatments for preventing pest activity around your property. Areas with pets need regular lawn treatments to prevent fleas and ticks from infesting the property.

Soil Poisoning, Construction Pre-Treatments
Current laws for obtaining construction permits do require two soil treatments during the building process. Natural Resources has provided quality, on time, and competitive rates for soil pre-treatments since 1986.

Trapping & Removal
Facilities with large trash receptacles and areas frequented with humans leaving scraps of food can attract some larger pest like raccoons and possums. We're able to trap and replace these critters into a new environment where they belong.

Beautification and plant health around commercial properties is important for all areas especially hospitality lodgings and hotels. Fertilizing is one important step in the process to keep your landscaping and ornamental plants healthy and lush.

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