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We've retained many of our residential pest control clients for over 20 years.

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Residential pest control services:

- Organic pest control services trusted by doctors
- Monthly services prevent infestation before they occur
- Lawn treatments prevent fleas and ticks
- Termite services protect your home
- Weed control removes pesky weeds in grass and pavers
- All general pests, ants, roaches, silverfish and more
- Ornamental plant treatments keep your plants healthy
- Whitefly treatments for ficus
- Fertilization for a greener, healthier landscape

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Our clients love us!
Debbie Ricketts
Owner, Rejuvanescense
Delray Beach
I send all my spa clients to Natural
Resources. This is an ideal service fit for
everyone. Make the change towards a
healthier home.
Frank Lombardo
Project Manager, Protek Boca Raton
I get ants in my pool weekly. They are all over the yard. Since Ive been using you guys the ants are out of the pool and no where around.