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Our Ant Control Service

Getting rid of ants in Miami, FL is no easy task. Ants are social insects that live in colonies, which means you must fully eliminate them to avoid another infestation down the road. Worse yet, store-bought bug sprays only kill a few ants at best and cause the rest of the colony to scatter around your home. Luckily, Natural Resources Pest Control can help! Our team is trained to get rid of ants and prevent them from coming back.

Our Unique Approach To Ant Control

Ants enter your home through the smallest openings looking for water and food. Once they find a source, they will leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow. Our team knows this and stops ants dead in their tracks. Our ant service, much like the majority of our services, is broken down into 4 easy steps.

1. Identify

It’s extremely important to correctly identify what species of ant we are dealing with. Proper identification gives us a ton of valuable information such as diet, behavior, breeding cycle and preferred living environment. Once we’ve correctly identified the species of ant we are dealing with, we’re off to step two, “Locate”.

2. Locate

Now that we know our ants diet, where they typically come from and why they may be present, we can plan our attack. Most ants “trail” or follow a pheromone path too and from their nesting site to food or water. Following this trail helps pest control professionals a lot when it comes to placing bait and sometimes even discovering a nest. This brings us to our third step, “Treat”.


Now that all of our detective work is done, we can begin our treatment process. Depending on the species of ant we are dealing with, we will apply a combination of nontoxic bait, insecticide, and/or insecticidal dust. This process is typically repeated twice over a two to three week time frame. The process is repeated because after the first application the ants will notice a change in their environment and become stressed. Especially when they start dying. This will trigger a response to relocate, taking their eggs with them. The second treatment will ensure no reproductive adults are left to carry on the lifecycle which will eliminate the pest infestation from your home.


Now that the ants are gone, it’s important to monitor the structure for any future activity. It’s common for ants to reappear in the same locations after a while. This may happen due to how the landscaping is configured around the exterior of the structure or the consistent presence of moisture and food. Sometimes a new species of ant may arrive and try to move in. That’s why it’s nice to keep us around for a bit. 😉

We use these four steps to rid your home or office of ants and keep them away. Not sure of what kind of ant you’re dealing with? Shoot us over a pic. If the picture is clear, we’ll be able to identify it for you the same day.  If you have any questions or concerns. Call or email us. We’re always happy to help.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately Fire Ants love South Florida’s subtropical climate. Our mild winters allow them to stay populated year round.

Ants communicate with each other by using various complex pheromones. Ants can visibly be seen touching antennae and follow very strict pheromone trails to food sources and nesting sites.

When dealing with fire ants we alway recommend contacting a licensed pest control professional as these ant mounds can do some serious damage if you’re not careful. If you are looking for experts, please give us a call at 305-754-4460 to schedule your ant inspection. Our team is thoroughly trained in eliminating ant colonies and will keep these pests where they belong: out of your business and home. For the DIYers out there, we recommend pouring boiling water over the ant mound, saturating it with an environmentally friendly insecticide, or applying an ant bait as per the label instructions.

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