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ROACH Control

Our Roach Control Service

Here’s a little known secret: roaches are always on the hunt for food, water, and shelter, which means they’ll always attempt to enter your home. Worse, since they’re nocturnal pests and adept at hiding, your roach infestation can quickly get out of hand before you know it. Luckily, the team at Natural Resources Pest Control can help! With over 34 years of experience killing cockroaches, we’re Miami, FL’s leading provider of roach control services.

A Bit About American Roaches

American roaches are one of the more common roaches we eliminate for our clients. They’re also one of the largest roaches measuring in at about an inch and a half which is way too big for something so gross.

Considering they live in trees and organic debris outside, it is common to see 1-2 roaches in a home a month as they can wedge themselves through cracks as thick as about two stacked pennies. Weekly or even daily American Roach sightings suggest there is probably a plumbing or moisture issue present.

Moisture from leaky pipes, unused plumbing, and backed up septic or sewer lines, are the most common sources of American Roach infestations.

Their eggs or “ootheca” are purse-shaped pouches that carry about 16 eggs per casing. A female can release about 2 ootheca or 30 babies per week. American roaches are omnivorous and known to be opportunistic feeders which means they’ll pretty much eat anything anywhere. Did I mention they can fly?

Although they are weak flyers, they will often land on windows and doors at night as they are attracted to lights homeowners have on in the evening.

Our Unique Approach To Roach Control

Getting rid of roaches in Miami, FL is difficult because the two most common species (German and American) are eliminated using different techniques. At Natural Resources Organic Pest Control, we’ve perfected a treatment process that doesn’t require fire or throwing shoes.

Our combination of essential oil-based insecticide, bait, and insecticidal dust will eliminate roaches from your home and provide long-lasting protection. Our Cockroach service, much like the majority of our services, is broken down into 4 easy steps


It’s extremely important to correctly identify what species of Cockroach we are dealing with. Proper identification gives us a ton of valuable information such as diet, behavior, breeding cycle and preferred living environment. Once we’ve correctly identified the species of ant we are dealing with, we’re off to step two, “Locate”.

2. Locate

Now that we know our Cockroach diet, where they typically come from, and why they may be present, we can plan our attack. Roaches that become an issue inside, like American Roaches, are there because there is a moisture or plumbing issue present. This brings us to our third step, “Treat”.


Now that all of our detective work is done, we can begin our treatment process. Depending on the species of roach we are dealing with, we will apply a combination of non-toxic bait, insecticide, and/or insecticidal dust. This process is typically repeated twice over a two to three-week time frame. The process is repeated because after the first application the roaches will notice a change in their environment and become stressed. Especially when they start dying. This will trigger the female roaches to drop their egg casings. They want to ensure the survival of their offspring.

The second treatment will ensure no reproductive adults are left to carry on the lifecycle which will eliminate the pest infestation from your home. We will also install monitoring stations around any potential hot spots or entry points which leads us to step four.


We’ll use roach baits and insect growth regulators to treat German Roach and other small species roaches (Brown-Banded). It’s important that you deep clean your kitchen and bathroom during this process. If not, getting rid of these roaches will be much more challenging.


We’ll spray a residual insecticide and use granular baits to get rid of American Roaches and other large species (Australian, Smokey Brown, Oriental, and Woods). We’ll also remove any harborage areas outside and seal any cracks or crevices they may be using to enter your home.

4. Monitor

Now that the roaches are gone, it’s important to monitor the structure for any future activity. The glue traps that have been strategically placed throughout the structure will show us if there is any pest activity present and what pest we are dealing with. Sometimes a new species of roach may arrive and try to move in or a completely different pest altogether. That’s why it’s nice to keep us around for a bit. 😉

Why Choose Natural Resources Pest Control

We’re passionate about helping people just like you get rid of unwanted pest problems. As such, we are proud to be the only pest control company in Miami, FL promising excellence in value, service, and trust.


After your pest inspection, we’ll provide you with a quote that makes sense for your budget and unique needs.


We’re not happy unless you are. So if you’re not satisfied with your most recent service, we’ll make it right.


We know you are putting a lot of trust in our hands. So we promise to treat you and your home with respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most common culprit is poor housekeeping. But cleaning your kitchen, floors, and bathrooms sometimes isn’t enough. Roaches are accomplished hitchhikers, which means they can also get in by riding boxes, hiding in furniture, and latching onto other items brought into your home. Furthermore, roaches can enter through cracks and gaps in your walls and drains or sewer pipes. So your best bet is to call 305-754-4460 to schedule your FREE roach inspection! We’ll pinpoint the type of roach you have and the issue causing them to come back for more.
Not only are roaches one of the most common pest problems in Miami, FL, but they’re also one of the hardest to eliminate. The reason for this is roaches are often scattered throughout your home, have high breeding potential, and can develop a resistance to pesticides. This is problematic because roaches transfer E. coli and salmonella from one food source to the next. So if you’re dealing with a roach problem, or simply want to protect your home from future infestations, please call 305-754-4460 today!
The answer depends on the species and severity of the infestation. Keep in mind many over-the-counter solutions are ineffective and sometimes even make the problem worse. Roaches are incredibly adaptable, which means they can scatter through your home and develop a resistance to do-it-yourself treatments. So we recommend calling 305-754-4460 to schedule your FREE roach inspection. This will allow us to give you an estimate of how long it’ll take to get rid of roaches in your home.

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