What is Natural or Organic Pest Control?

Natural or Organic Pest Control is the ability to control or eliminate pests from a structure or landscape without the use of toxic chemicals. Most pest control companies perform “Traditional” or “Conventional” pest control with chemicals known as organophosphates, carbamates, and/or pyrethroids. All of which are known to have negative effects on either the environment, people, animals, marine life, or beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. Though the intended use of these chemicals is to treat specific pest issues, overapplication, misuse and runoff can result in adverse effects on the environment and for organisms that come in contact with them. After years of research and development we have been able to eliminate the use of these toxic chemicals from our service offering by over 95%.

So if we aren’t using traditional toxic chemicals, what do we use?
We use essential oils, insecticidal soaps, and different strains of bacteria. That’s right! Bacteria.

Essential oils work great as a kill on contact insecticide for most pests, especially lawn pests and indoor plant pests. Insects are not as difficult to kill as most people were brought up to believe. The idea of needing to use the “strongest stuff possible” or “bombing the place” is an old way of thinking. Insects don’t breathe using lungs like we do. They breathe through tiny holes on the outside of their bodies called “spiracles” which lead into their “tracheae” on the inside of their bodies kind of like a sponge. So when we apply concentrated essential oils to insects, they will quickly suffocate. Essential oils also don’t persist in the environment as long as conventional insecticides do, reducing their overall impact.

Insecticidal soaps come in liquid form and powder form. The powder form of an insecticidal soap is commonly known as borax or boric acid. Liquid soap works just like how the essential oils work. They suffocate insects by covering their spiracles. Insecticidal soap in the form of a powder is the coolest. The powder form of insecticidal soap lodges itself in between all the arm and leg joints of crawling insects. This caused them to break down over time. Powdered soap also pulls moisture out of crawling insects causing them to dry out. When mixed with sugar or protein, insects will ingest the soap causing interference in their digestive system killing them over time.

Different strains of bacteria are used for different insects and fungus. Ever see tiny balck flies coming from the soil of your indoor house plants? Well we use a bacteria that will live in the soil of your potted plants and feed on fungus gnat larvae, killing them before they emerge as those annoying little gnats. Have mosquitoes breeding on your property? We apply a bacteria that will live in any/all potential breeding sites, devouring the larvae before they mature into the blood suckers we all hate. We also have a bacteria for the most common fungal issues that arise in lawns. We apply it to grass when gray leaf spot or brown patch is present year round. All the different bacteria strains we use are safe for people, animals, beneficial insects and the environment.

Other pest control may say they perform safe or ecofriendly pest control, but here at Natural Resources Organic Pest Control, we take pride in offering the safest pest control services in all of South Florida. We take the impact our industry has on the environment seriously. This is why we’ve been working so hard at perfecting our application methods and product selection.

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